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SMM Business

How to start your business with SMM Group

SMM Group offers a rewarding opportunity for aspiring edupreneurs – a term we fondly use to for entrepreneurs focused on education. Our business associate eduprenuers play an integral role to help students lay the foundation of success and the future of education.

This means, whether you’re an educator or simply interested in starting your own business, SMM Education is where you can have more than just a job. You’ll be in control of building an enterprising career and a rewarding future for yourself. Our benefits package offers you the winning combination of security, flexibility to grow with your efforts, and job satisfaction.

Quick Start

You don’t need to worry about paperwork or business proposals. We offer the advantage of a proven business formula so you can start your new business quickly and hassle-free.


You will always have access to our experienced business developers. They are dedicated to provide the advice and support you need to sustain and develop your newborn education business, helping you take it to higher levels of success and rewarding joys.

No Royalty nor Renewal Fees

Unlike other franchise businesses, you won’t have to pay us any royalty fees or renewal fees. Our business associates own 100% from the business because our unique business model is an eduprenuer driven model focused on a performance system that benefits everyone.

Materials support

You don’t have to worry about sourcing for material or developing curriculum. All the books and study materials you’ll need for your is ready at your fingertips in our e-store. All materials have been developed and printed in-house by our Creative Synergy Teams comprising of talents from various expertise, including qualified school teachers, linguistic Professors, & professional design team. This ensures that you’ll always have quality study materials for your students.

Training and Support (SMM Edupreneurial Academy)

For us, being dedicated in education means being dedicated to our business associates. That’s why we provide to every licensee access to field-specialised training and support that aren’t normally available to independent individuals who start up a business enterprise via conventional methods. This training and support is crucial to ensure your start-up business experiences rewarding success as quickly as possible.

Yearly MRC International Carnival

Every year we spend half a million dollars to organize our yearly MRC International Carnival. This carnival does not only help to increase our brand awareness but to increase parent’s confidents towards our brand as well.

Established Brand Image and Ongoing Publicity

You don’t have to worry about brand management or publicity. We continuously promote and advertise the brand to increase awareness and trust amongst parents nationwide.

In addition to ongoing promotions, every year we spend half a million dollars to organise our annual MRC International Carnival. This anticipated carnival helps to further boost brand image and parent’s confidents for our programs, providing your business centre free advertising and public relations support that you can rely on to easily grow your business.