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3Q Junior

3Q Junior


3Q™ Junior is Malaysia’s first kindergarten school that utilises the proven 3Q™ system. Children will learn using the most effective study tools that synchronises their left and right brain development to nurture whole brain development.

The program provides 9 different subjects according to age, ranging from 3.5 – 6 years old, and is divided into three different age groups (J2 – J4). Each semester requires 5 months to complete.
Learning Hours : 4 hours per day
Teaching Day : Monday to Friday

Features of the course:


Educational Related Services
Life skill mastery
  • 3QEnglish
  • 3QBahasa Malaysia
  • 3Q Chinese
  • 3Q Mathematics + 9-Bead
  • 3Q Science
  • 3Q Music
  • 3Q Moral
  • 3Q Art
  • 3Q Circle Time
  • 3Q Smart ME
  • ‘V care’ After School Care
  • 3Q™ Kids international talent competitions
  • The challenge of 9MI
  • Talent Development
  • Flazzle Card management system
  • SMM ™ Methodology
  • 3Q system
  • Cartoon animation
  • Character building



  • 3Q English
    Our 3Q™ English makes learning language fun through creative activities such as sing-along rhymes, storytelling sessions and games. In combination with a systematic SMM methodology, children will be able to quickly assimilate information and comprehension that develops English language skills. Reading sessions, textbooks and cartoon animations further enhance the learning experience.
  • 3Q Bahasa Malaysia
    Our 3Q™ Bahasa Malaysia makes learning language fun through creative activities such as sing-along rhymes, storytelling sessions and games. In combination with a systematic SMM methodology, children will be able to quickly assimilate information and comprehension that develops Bahasa Malaysia language skills. Reading sessions, textbooks and cartoon animations further enhance the learning experience.
  • 3Q Chinese
    3Q Chinese uses an activity-based approach together with SMM methodology to enhance children’s learning of Chinese language. It is systematically, yet creatively designed with a range of special activities such as sing-along and rhymes, word recognition, storytelling sessions, and games. The program also come with reader, textbooks and cartoon animation to further enhance the learning experience of the subjects.
  • 3Q Mathematics + 9 Beads abacus
    Mathematics learning builds on children’s curiosity and enthusiasm, this logic learning activity could be made fun and easy using our SMM skill approach. In 3Q junior, we also include the learning of 9 bead abacus into our 3Q mathematics syllabus that aimed to practice our child to do all arithmetic calculations mentally.
  • 3Q Science

At the heart of science is a question-and-answer process to understand the natural and physical world that we live in. Learning science develops a child’s curiosity and ability to ask questions, collect information, organise and test ideas, and apply what they learn.

In 3Q™ Science, we apply a teaching methodology to support this development by using real objects and science experiments that sharpen children’s observation, association, logic, conclusion and problem solving skills.

  • 3Q Moral

Moral development is a crucial factor to develop compassion, kindness, responsible decision-making, discipline and other skills important for a balanced development and overall life success. It develops as a result of an interaction between nature and nurture.

In 3Q™ Moral, we provide the nurture and environment to teach children aged 5-6 years old on the etiqueetes of speaking politely, as well as to think and act rationally, be receptive to learning, and willing to help others as best as they can.



  • 3Q Smart Me

3Q™ Smart Me is a series of activities that empowers children with foundational skills to become independent by helping them understand their environment and how it works. Children will learn various skills such as grooming, dressing, housekeeping, caring for the environment, hand-eye coordination, and interpersonal skills that teach children how to take care of themselves.

The program also aids a balanced development between intelligence and emotional quotient necessary for every day life skills, as well as build healthy self-esteem and realise the value of life.


  • 3Q Art and Craft

3Q™ Art & Craft is designed to enrich a child’s learning experience through creative expression, with an objective to:

• Enhance creativity

• Improve concentration and endurance

• Foster systematic development of ideas

• Promote transferable skills

• Apply right brains drawing methods

Our drawing and painting lessons use the latest and most effective techniques of learning to draw that activate the right brain. The program is also carefully designed to promote transferable skills, ensuring that the creativity nurtured is not compartmentalised.

The syllabus also fosters a holistic comprehension of art skills, values, principles, techniques and appreciation of art. In addition, we also foster understanding love and support of our national aspirations and culture such as patriotism, tolerance and individuality through selected themes and art activities.

  • 3Q Music
    Music is often referred as the most mathematical and abstract of the arts. At 3Q MRC, our children are taught to play simple musical instruments. The syllabus covers not only the music but as well as their bodily kinesthetic ability (dancing). Besides enjoying the fun of music lessons, they will also undergo training of confidence and most importantly, the appreciation of others.
  • 3Q Physical Education

Researchers from University of Illinois have discovered that children who are more physically fit tend to have a bigger hippocampus and perform better on relational memory tests than their less-fit peers. Supporting research also show that brain development and social skills is accelerated through active physical interactivity.

3Q™ Physical Education will progressively teach children basic coordination skills and aerobic activity that helps them to grow up to be more cheerful and confident. Other than developing good health that supports brain development, children will also develop social skills, enhance their personality, and discover self-discipline.

  • 3Q Circle Time
    3Q Junior has designed a series of group activities for the circle time. The objectives of these activities are to help children to feel the ease with others, to exchange ideas and to participate in various activities. The ultimate goal is to train their confident and promoting individual self-reliance. Our 3Q circle time also aid to promote the benefits below:
  • Promote positive relationships
  • Create a caring and respectful ethos
  • Create great lunchtimes and playtimes
  • Nurture the creativity of our children
  • Promote social and emotional development of all children
  • 3Q™ Flazzle Card Management

Over 50 years ago, the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential proved that the best time for children to learn reading is during the first six years of life. It is during these early developmental years that learning to read come most rapidly, naturally, and joyously.

Our flashcard and flazzle card management system is based on this insight to help your children learn how to read in three different languages (Chinese, English, Malay). Our 3Q™ Flazzle Card is a unique syllabus related card deck that combines flashcards and picture puzzles.

Together, they develop the mental process, language capabilities, and promote whole brain learning skills such as:

• Words recognition

• Comprehension of simple sentences

• Association skills

• Basic vocabulary development

• Reading ability

• Listening ability

• Speaking ability


Educational Related Services

  • ‘V’ care services

We make it our serious dedication to ensure your child’s time with us is safe, fun and easy. All our caregivers and course instructors have been internally trained through a series of childcare programs that equip them with professional skills and knowledge to take care of your precious little ones.

We have thus taken the following Quality Control Policies in all our branches:

• Toys, books and other material must comply with our Quality Control Guidelines

• All children will always be accompanied by at least a caregiver or course instructor at all times

• All caregivers and course instructors have undergone emergency first aid training

• Outside access to our centre is enabled through only one main gate and one access controlled main door

• In addition to maintaining the highest safety and security standards for every centre, we also maintain the highest health standards for cleanliness and hygiene.

  • 3Q Kids international Talent competitions

Each and every child deserves the opportunity to develop their full potential according to their unique strengths and talents. That’s why we also actively hold various talent development competitions for students to showcase their 9MI (9 multiple intelligences) developed through our whole brain learning programs. Competitions include activities such as flash card, picture conversation, art and craft, singing, dancing drama and many more fun and exciting opportunities.

  • The Challenge of 9MI

It has been shown that students whose parents are involved in their education are more likely to earn higher grades, score better on standardised tests, and excel better in life. The challenge of 9MI has been specifically designed for parents to be actively involved with their children’s learning through a series of relationship-building activities that concurrently develops his or her nine multiple intelligences.

  • Circle Time

To help build children’s social interaction skills, 3Q AEP™ has designed a series of group activities for 3Q™ Circle Time. The activities help children to feel at ease with others, be open to exchange ideas, and participate in various team building activities.

3Q™ Circle Time helps:
·         increase your child’s confidence and self-reliance
·         promote positive relationships
·         create caring and respectful ethics
·         provide efficient and effective systems and support for all staff
·         make lunchtimes and playtimes easy to enjoy
·         nurture creativity
promote your child’s social and emotional development


  • Talent development “9 multiple intelligent” 

Howard Gardner is an internationally renowned Harvard University professor and developmental psychologist whose revealed that humans have nine multiple intelligences, which are:

• Linguistic

• Logic-Mathematical

• Musical

• Spatial

• Bodily/Kinaesthetic

• Interpersonal

• Intrapersonal

• Naturalistic

• Existential

The framework of “Formula 9 Teaching Approach” leverages Gardner’s education research, thus optimising children’s learning by enhancing the multiple ways of whole brain learning and information processing.

  • SMM Methodology
    SMM (super memory map) is our integrated courses comprising the training of memory, analytical and thinking skills, enabling children to be more imaginative, creative and improving their thinking skills, which thereby enriching the contents in their compositions. The application of Super Memory Map focuses on enabling our children to:
  • Convert the contents of school lessons into images for long term memory storage
  • Master dictation, spelling and comprehension
  • Write skillfully
  • Master the usage of grammar and vocabulary
  • Unique 3Q™ systems

“3” is derived from popular Chinese proverb三岁 定 八十where “三岁” is 3 years old, “定” is “determines” and “八十”  is 80 years old. What this means is that the behaviour that one displays at age 3 will determine his or her future behaviour in later years. English quotes with similar meaning is, “The child is father of the man” by William Wordsworth 1802.

“Q” is derived from the word “Quotient”, which in this case represents developing the nine multiple intelligence quotient based on our “Formula 9 Teaching Approach” and “Super Memory Map” core competencies.

Together, 3Q™ systems aims to introduce whole brain development as early as possible for young children, because the education development they receive at 3 years old will determine their future success in later years. Plus, it’s amazingly fun and easy!

Life skill mastery

  • Character building

Life skills such as psychosocial, interpersonal, communication and conflict management skills equip children with the tools and ability to appropriately and responsibly make decisions commonly

Reviews are critical tests of literature by specialists in the field. They include scholarly articles that examine and explain a particular genre or form of literary substance. The most important purpose of these reviews is to encourage reading of this content they consider important. Reviewers of literature appreciate those books, plays, poetry, essays, paper writer or poetry collections that may offer a fresh new outlook will be recognized and utilized by other writers.

faced in daily life. Developing life skills often involves critical thinking and values clarification. Acquiring mastery of these skills produces powerful behavioural outcomes.


At MRC Learning Centres, we help your child joyously develop these necessary life skills through exciting storytelling and interactive activities. The program focuses on delivering values such as:

• Positive mental attitude for resilience during hard times

• The ability to be flexible and adaptable for creative problem solving

• Performance and accountability for responsible discipline and life decisions

• Interpersonal skills for effective communication and mature social interaction

• Proactive skills and introspective skills for personal growth

• Leadership skills for life and career success

• Character development for a balanced, healthy and happy life