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MRC Kids

MRC Kids


Inspired by the Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, MRC Kids uses creative approaches to develop linguistic intelligence. Our program is designed to accelerate linguistic intelligence through multilingual training that develops high verbal memory and recall, as well as help children develop a firm grasp on language structure.


That’s why a key focus of MRC Kids™ is implementing creative approaches such as drama and speech activities to deliver language lessons across three different languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese. Together with math exercises and other enrichment activities, MRC Kids helps to:


• Develop linguistic intelligence through multilingual development

• Build confidence in public speaking

• Promote logical-mathematical intelligence

• Support whole brain development

• Help children learn about character building and managing their emotions


Learning Hours 3 hours per day
Teaching Day Monday to Friday
Operating hours Depends on branches
Features of the course:
Educational related services
Life skill mastery
  • MRC Kids Chinese
  • MRC Kids English
  • MRC Kids B. Malaysia
  • Mathematic worksheet
  • V care’ / After School Care
  • MRC Kids international talent competition
  • AMA Talent competition
  • The Challenge of 9MI
  • Creative Drama Training
  • Kids Mental Arithmetic
  • Art & Craft
  • Holiday Intensive creative camp
Character building


  • MRC Kids™ Chinese

MRC Kids™ Chinese uses “Pinyin”, an equivalent of Chinese phonetics, to teach children how to recognise, write and pronounce Chinese words. “Pinyin” lessons are delivered through fun activities such as role-playing that make language learning fun and easy. Children will be able to recognise and pronounce Chinese words with better accuracy. Combined with Super Memory Map (SMM) methodology, children will also sharpen their memory recall for vocabulary while developing correct neural phonologic pathways necessary of the brain.

  • MRC™ Kids English

MRC Kids™ English integrates phonic learning via fun activities such as role-playing to teach children English grammar and vocabulary. Learning is made fun and easy through activities such as sing-along rhymes, storytelling, games, and word recognition. In combination with a systematic Super Memory Map (SMM) methodology, children will be able to quickly assimilate information and , while developing correct neural phonologic pathways of the brain.

  • MRC™ Kids B. Malaysia

MRC Kids™ Bahasa Malaysia uses proven teaching methods such as “sukukata”, an “tatabahasa” to master the vocabulary and grammar of learning Bahasa Malaysia in fun and easy way. Lessons are also delivered through fun activities such as drama and public speaking activities that build verbal skills and confidence. Combined with Super Memory Map (SMM) methodology, children will also sharpen their memory recall for vocabulary while developing correct neural phonologic pathways necessary of the brain.

  • Mathematic worksheet

MRC Kids™ Mathematic Worksheet is designed to develop logical-mathematical intelligence from a young age. This helps them adequately prepare for primary school. The worksheet cover both addition and subtraction mathematical operations, as well as fundamental mathematical problem solving questions that:


• Enhance ability in basic mathematical operations

• Improve children’s ability to understand and apply mathematical terminology

• Develop both the left and the right brain so they can easily grasp mathematics when they begin school



  • Creative Drama & Speech

In our Creative Drama & Speech activities, children are encouraged to play naturally and learn through an active experience. This has proven to be an effective approach to learning during the early developmental years. By incorporating various subjects into these drama and speech activities, children will learn faster, better, and much more joyfully.

  • Kids Abacus & Mental Arithmetic

Learning mathematics help children learn how to solve problems logically. In this learning enrichment program, we use the abacus to develop logical-mathematical intelligence from young.  The abacus is a centuries old arithmetic process that effectively trains the computational aspects of the brain that is superior because it helps the brain visualise abstract mathematical concepts without using any electronic calculating devise, enabling children to:

·       Intensify mathematical calculation ability
·       Develop their right brain activity by stimulating sight and imagination
·       Build up their confidence
·       Enhance their concentration

  • Art and Craft

This program is designed for enjoyment and enrichment in mind. It is craft-based and encompasses meaningful and purposeful activities for continuous and progressive learning. The syllabus also fosters a holistic comprehension of art skills, values, principles, techniques and appreciation of art.
Our drawing and painting lessons use the latest and most effective techniques of learning to draw that activate the right brain. The program is also carefully designed to promote transferable skills, ensuring that the creativity nurtured is not compartmentalised.

·         Enhance creativity
·         Improve concentration and endurance
·         Foster systematic development of ideas
·         Promote transferable skills
·         Apply right brains drawing methods

  • Holiday creative camp

Our MRC Kids™ Holiday Creative Camp is a holiday program for children aged 3-6 years old. The creative camp has been specifically designed to deliver fun learning in 5 major subjects, including:

·         Kids picture conversation in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia
·         Kids science experiments
·         Kids picture card
·         Kids Art & Craft

Life skill mastery

  • Character building

Life skills such as psychosocial, interpersonal, communication and conflict management skills equip children with the tools and ability to appropriately and responsibly make decisions commonly faced in daily life. Developing life skills often involves critical thinking and values clarification. Acquiring mastery of these skills produces powerful behavioural outcomes.

At MRC Learning Centres, we help your child joyously develop these necessary life skills through exciting storytelling and interactive activities. The program focuses on delivering values such as:

·         Positive mental attitude for resilience during hard times
·         The ability to be flexible and adaptable for creative problem solving
·         Performance and accountability for responsible discipline and life decisions
·         Interpersonal skills for effective communication and mature social interaction
·         Proactive skills and introspective skills for personal growth
·         Leadership skills for life and career success
·         Character development for a balanced, healthy and happy life