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MRC Whole Brain




MRC Whole Brain is the first program offered by SMM group of education. MRC Whole Brain is a weekly enrichment program which offer single subjects for children age 5 to 12 years old. The programs were divided into different levels (differs by subjects) and all students were grouped together based on their levels of performance in each subjects.


Course Levels : Differs by subjects
Teaching Hour : 2 hour per subject, 1 Session per week
Operating Day : Monday to Friday (depend on branches)


Features of the course:
  • SMM Art
  • SMMMental Arithmetic
  • SMM Mathematics + 9-Bead


  • SMM™ 9 Bead
    SMM™ 9 Bead SMM 9 Bead focuses on training students in mastering 9 Bead calculation to improve their performance in mathematic calculations. The program also includes the visualization techniques and application of SMM™ pedagogy to further enhance student’s performance in dealing with complex mathematical calculations. The program aimed to:
  • Intensify the ability of mathematical calculation
  • Develop the technique of the right brain thinking.
  • Build up students confidence when dealing with the subjects
  • Enhancing student’s concentration


  • SMM™ Art + Craft

SMM Art and Craft is an after school enrichment programs cater for students that interested in art related activities such as drawing, crafting, designing and etc. SMM Art and Craft focus on promoting life values such as:

  • Purposeful and Meaningful
  • Continues & progressive
  • Fun and Enjoyable
  • New and easy techniques for drawing
  • Learn to draw by using the right hemisphere of the brain(SMM technique)


  • SMM™ Mental Arithmetic

SMM Mental Arithmetic taps the mental capabilities of your children to solve mathematical problems with superb speed and accuracy. The subject also teaches knowledge of abacus and skills to visualizing abacus in performing mathematical problem solving, thus stimulating the activities of both right and left brain:

  • Intensify student’s ability to on mathematical calculation
  • Develop the usage of the right brain
  • Build up the confidence of students
  • Enhance their concentration.