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Information for Parents

Parents and Guests

  • To share in your success, we will be inviting your parents/family members to be present for the ceremony. Each graduate is given the privilege of inviting not more than two (2) guests to be in the Main Hall to witness the Convocation Ceremony.
  • An invitation card for two of your guests will be distributed when you collect

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    your academic attire.

  • Attendees are required to bring along their invitation card to enter the hall.
  • Please inform your guests that once seated in the hall, they would not be able to leave until the conclusion of the convocation ceremony.
  • Attendees are also required to silence the phone once entered the hall.
  • Parents can enter the hall from the main entrance. The entrance will be opened from 9.00am.
  • Parents / Guests have to wear formal attire as follow:
    1. Male attire:
      • National / Batik / Lounge Suit or
      • Formal attire suitable for the ceremony (Jeans and T-Shirts are not allowed)
    2. Female attire:
      • National or
      • Formal attire suitable with the ceremony.

Those who are not properly attired would not be allowed to enter the hall.