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maceThe SMM Education Group Academia Graduation Mace is designed in silver and brown as both these colours signify strength, beauty, tradition and versatility. The colours crystallise the vision and mission of SMM’s founders, staff and students as well as the aspirations of the people of Malaysia.

The bowl-shaped design from the SMM’s founders palm prints, the curve is the symbol represent the majesty and authority of the Company. Following by the eight golden principles – growth, integrity, harmony, quality, dignity, potential, caring and excellence.

Using silver with a mission of entering the international market. Not only that, the silver is also hidden noble, pure, safe and eternal meaning.

The emblem represents the academic centres.

The eight blue beads is the color of the company’s representatives. Once again stressed the importance of the eight golden principles.

The national flower, Hibiscus on the staff, symbolises SMM’s underlying values – growth, integrity, harmony, quality, dignity, potential, caring, excellence. The intertwined flowers symbolises the unity of staff and students of the academic centres.

Using brown colours to represent reliable, endurance and concise.

The brown knob represents the commitment of the academic centres and staff to provide a strong and enduring foundation of intellectual and mental development of the individual towards nation building.