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BAs/CIs must register all graduates attendance by group(by centre) at counter by  7.30am on the graduation date.
They will also receive relevant documents about the ceremony.
All the items will collect by BA after register on registration counter.
Items included: Student numbering sticker, BAs or CIs passcard, graduation booklet, gown(at gown changing room)



The following is the procedure which needs to be observed to ensure the smooth running of the convocation ceremony:

Conferment of degree by the Chancellor

The Dean will announce the name of graduates to be conferred by the Chancellor. You will rise after the announcement and walk towards the stage. On stage, you will move towards the Chancellor to receive your scrolls.

Receiving the Scroll

  • There will be an ‘X’ marked on the floor, in front of the Chancellor. This is the place where you should be standing when receiving your scroll;
  • Walk towards the Chancellor and stop on the ‘X’ mark. Accept the scroll, hold your scroll on your right side with your right arm and say ‘Thank You”. After that, walk back to your seat.
  • You must remain seated after receiving your scroll. Please observe the Rules and Etiquettes during the Ceremony.
  • You are not allowed to leave the hall when the ceremony is still in session. This is to ensure the programme proceeds in an orderly manner.